In a book  called letters to my past self, it says you should not go through school without playing P.E.S that is without getting involved in Politics, entrepreneurship and sports even if you fail at it. Leadership experience immediately strikes your interviewer as someone that is able to multitask, someone who has a more than okay relationship with people. It shows the potential for diplomatic solutions in terms of crises.Picture it this way let’s say 10 to 15 years down the line, My employer wants to needs someone to head a constitution review committee and Candidate A has a great CV but is lacking in tangible leadership experience while candidate B has an okay relationship but was the Senate Chairman or deputy senate chair man during his school days. In your own opinion, who do you think will get the job?

In the same vein, don’t jump at every leadership position just for the sake of the C.V. You will end up been ineffective in all of the positions. The truth is someone somewhere will take note of your inadequacies and will bring it up later in life even if you have changed.Leadership experience is also arranged in reverse chronological order. It is not compulsory you put all your leadership experience except if it is applicable for example being the chairman of the supporters club of your Hall of Residence. It however does not mean you shouldn’t lead other non C.V applicable organizations as these organizations tend to take your mind off stressful conditions.


Director of Programmes, OHSS initiative. 2012 till present Senate Registrar, University of Life and Wisdom Law Students Association 2010-2011
Chairman, Community  Awareness Programme OYOLSA Health week. 2012 University of Life and Wisdom house fellowship treasurer 2010-2011

Logistics Sub-Committee Chairman, Maiden Edition of Emeritus professor Hansen Guest Lecture.





Oyo State law Students’ Association, General secretary



Oyo State law Students’ Association, President. 2012 Congress scribe, University of Life and Wisdom Law Students Association. 2009-2010
University of Life and Wisdom house fellowship coordinator. 2012 Logistics coordinator, Near tutors 2009
Editor in chief, Law student magazine 2011-2012 Academic coordinator, Near tutors 2009