This is the grey area in all our C.V’s and in my case probably black. Research is now the pivot of the world. It is what drives the world. The westerners have been educated about the processes involved conducting a research and the types and in most situations including when you are trying to apply for a PHD programme, You are asked for a research proposal and it is a huge determinant in determining whether you are going to get in or your folder will be tossed into the dustbin.

For the sake of information, I will digress a bit.I will talk about two types of educational articles; review articles and research articles. In this part of the world especially among students, review articles are more common than original research articles. Review articles involve systematically going through existing body of knowledge. It includes the assessment of work cited, explanation of conflicts. Conclusions of review articles discuss the limitations of current knowledge and the directions to be pursued.Original articles weigh more than review articles and involve actively gathering data in a bid to answer a question of interest. It is usually time and money intensive but it is a necessity in this century. Fortunately there are grants available to even students to support their research especially when it is a good one.

Research articles can be rated roughly into three.

1) Published research work

2) Unpublished research work

3) Uncompleted research work

Published research especially in a recognised journal carries the most points and can get you into a graduate school even with a not so good grade point average thus if you notice that your G.P.A is low, pay attention to research.

Presentations are equally important. It comes in different forms; it can be as wonderful as presenting at a professional conference or just presenting among your peers or club members. In my school there were a number of clubs/associations whose major activities were either writing research articles or presentations and I wished I had joined at least one of them. So take a look around and join one of these clubs.

  • Zebrafish educational Editors
  • Journal of Young investigators
  • Journal of student research
  • Journal of Emerging investigators
  • Minnesota academy of science Journal of Student Research
  • Duluth Journal of Undergraduate Biology
  • The Baldwin-Wallace College Journal for Research and creative studies
  • Berkeley undergraduate journal
  • Tri-beta bios
  • Dokita Journal Nigeria (for Medicine)
  • Ifemed journal Nigeria (for Medicine)