Dear Sir/Ma,


Dr. xxxxx xxxxxx is a young energetic doctor, who graduated MB; BS in August 2006 from the University of xxxxxx, xxxxx, which is a foremost University in Africa. I have known Dr. xxxxxxx for about five years while he was a medical student and during his postings in Anatomy, as one of his supervising lecturers and consultants. Dr. xxxxxx is a remarkable young man who combines a high level of intellect with outstanding leadership abilities and an enviable character. To attest to this, he was the only member of graduating class of 2006 who got any distinction at all (in anatomy), in addition to numerous awards including the best graduating student and one in recognition of his leadership skills.

While it is important to note that the University uses a tight close marking system, his academic results to date are: Principles of Animal Biology- xx, The Mammalian Body-xx Diversity of Animal Life -xx, Experimental Physics – xx, Physics (PHY)-112 – xx, PHY-113 -xx, PHY 114 -xx, PHY115 – xx Organic Chemistry – xx, Physical Chemistry – xx, Inorganic Chemistry-xx, Use Of English -xx, Culture And Civilization – xx, Philosophy And Logic – xx, Anatomy – xx, Physiology – xx, Biochemistry – xx, Pharmacology – xx, Pathology – xx, Paediatrics – xx, Obstetrics  and Gynaecology – xx, Internal Medicine – xx, Surgery – xx,  and Preventive and Social Medicine – xx.

The University of xxxxx is a very academically challenging environment and I am confident that Dr. xxxxxx would survive in an equally tasking course such as Genomics in a similarly academic demanding environment.

Furthermore, his pass marks in the relevant subjects goes ahead to buttress this point as he was in the top three positions in most of the course work. In addition, the entirety of his programme was taught solely in English and he took an undergraduate course in the use of English which he passed very well. He is able to speak English fluently and write constructively.

As the President of the xxxx State Medical Student’s Association of the University of Ibadan, I have seen him exemplify leadership. His approach to leadership is a novel one. He was at the forefront of every meeting, taking part in group discussions and one on one sessions with the members of his executives, staff advisers and patrons. He is a rare example of leadership by servitude. He sees projects through to the end and does not hesitate to take on the more challenging tasks himself. This demonstrates his ability to work in a team and also independently among his cohorts. He is also a critical thinker and has analytic and Organizational skills critical to success in Genomics.

I am confident that he is a perfect fit for the Masters in Genomics at your University considering his character and academic prowess.

I, therefore, recommend him for the aforementioned postgraduate programme with the conviction that he will perform excellently.

Thank you.


Professor of Anatomy