RRRRRR Scholarship Selection committee,

Dear Sir/Ma,


I have known xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx for a while, as his tutorial master in Division of mathematics, and I see the same spark and hunger to succeed in his eyes as I see in all great men. I dare to inform you that my opinion is a shared one amongst members of staff and the student body. Among his cohort, he was voted in as most likely to succeed and most likely to be on the news for a positive achievement  which is in line with the perception that he is a remarkable young man who combines a high level of intellect with outstanding leadership abilities and an enviable character.

This is further demonstrated by his feat in the graduating class of 2016 as he was the only member of his class who graduated with a second class upper amongst the other numerous awards. He was a leader in his group and an executive member of the legislative arm of the largest mathematics students association in sub Saharan Africa. As the president of the South west mathematics student’s association, I have seen him exemplify leadership. His approach to leadership is a novel one. He was at the forefront of every meeting and had not only group discussions but one on one session with the members of his executives, staff advisers and patrons. He is a rare example of leadership by servitude. He sees projects through to the end and does not hesitate to take on the more challenging tasks himself.

The motto of the University of XXXXXXXX, Knowledge and diligence expects graduates to be worthy in character and learning and this man is a true ambassador of this, he is honest, accepts his mistakes instead of blaming others, quick to take charge and goal oriented. He is also not easily intimidated or timid as he frequently asks questions about grey areas either from his junior colleagues or well knowledgeable individuals

He was involved in entrepreneurship, co-founding a free tutorial group for secondary school students in the community. He is not scared to take risks, his novel teaching strategy has improved the performance of the students in the local secondary school examination and the population of his tutorial group rivals that of the community secondary school. However despite all these, he is far from perfect but he makes up for this with his humility and willingness to learn. He however sometimes may appear to be too focused and not dedicate enough attention to other areas of his life. He also sometimes tends to be a little bit withdrawn at times and blunt with words. The road to his present self may have been rough and the weather may have been harsh, but he pulled through and that is why I am confident that he is a perfect fit for the RRRR scholarship, character wise and academically.

I, therefore, recommend him for the aforementioned scholarship programme and request that you consider the same.

Thank you.