Dear Ma,

RECOMMENDATION LETTER FOR xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

My first encounter with xxxxxx xxxxxx was during her clinical rotation in clinical psychology. I initially perceived her to be a quiet lady but I was surprised to learn she was the group leader, but much more when she was able to provide logical answers to my challenging questions. I found an uncommon eagerness in her to learn and succeed. We had numerous encounters over my three years of knowing him and I can say she is one of those few people who knows what she wants to be in 5, 10 years’ time and is willing to take the necessary steps to develop herself into the solution for some of Nigeria’s problems.

She was actively involved in politics, playing a substantial role in the smooth running of the institutions student union government in the capacity of the congress scribe and Senate registrar. Her impact in the association was so noticeable that she was called back to participate in the screening of electorates. During her internship, she excelled at leadership posts such as unit chairperson.

She participated in various health outreaches and mentorship programmes which involved health promotion and early detection and referral of prevalent mental health conditions. Her interest in the public health aspect of medicine including but not limited to policy formulation and how it affects the health system prompted her interest in obtaining a postgraduate degree in Public policy. It is widely known that she desires to obtain that degree at an institution of international repute such as xxxxxx University.

It is obvious that academic excellence is an important factor in choosing a xxxxxx scholar, hence I am confident that xxxxxx is not only academically sound both in terms of subjective and objective assessment but she strongly believes there is always room for improvement which motivates him to study more. In her, you will always have a teachable scholar.

I, therefore, recommend this young lady for the xxxxxxx scholarship programme.

Thank you.