Growing up as a child in this part of xxxxxx was not very pleasing as life showed me its ugly and sour facets; my scaling through life’s difficult hurdles was a function of dreams and the actualization of these dreams. The will-power to survive and see my dreams come true was instilled in me by my mother. The usage of time and not just its passage has taught me that “determination brings about the actualization of dreams”.

After my basic education, I was sent to a boarding school, there I learnt the importance of cooperate living; at first I was always a self-starter depending solely on myself to achieve my little goals, this is not totally wrong but then I realized that better results are obtained by the coming together of persons, efforts, perspectives and even systems. This lesson helped in mitigating my naive nature and helped me reach my first significant milestone which was to excel in my Senior School Certificate exams. The accomplishment of a milestone means you can achieve better and go further.

So I set another milestone which was to graduate with a “first class degree” in the University. I had always nursed the dream of schooling outside my home country and was very hopeful despite the hurdle of poor finance to sponsor my university education.

I got admission into xxxxxx Institute of Technology to study Information Technology; this was a dream come true but then I had a set milestone to attain. Getting to xxxxxxx was filled with mixed feelings because the worry of my wards struggling to fund my university education kept haunting me but the bright side of my feelings was the exposure I got from studying and living with people of a different culture. In the midst of the distractions and the euphoria associated with my being in Ghana, my highest priority was the attainment of my set milestone. Through determination I attained the milestone amidst the different factors that fought against it.

The actualization of my university degree brought joy to me but then it posed two important questions to me which are; ”What’s Next?” and “What do you want for your future?”, Storming through these questions, I bore in mind that whatever I do next must be geared towards making impact in my nation and in the technological world. I am not pleased with the current state of my country especially in the areas of technological development and general administration. I strongly believe that given the right training and exposure I can champion a remarkable progress in my nation through the effective use of technology and proper administration.

Technology is in continuous evolution and cannot be separated from computing sciences. Computing sciences is continually aiding the advancement of technology which is in turn making living easier for man. There is still room for more technological advancement, that is to say, I have great opportunities to contribute my quota to the advancement of technology globally hence, satisfying mans’ requirement to live and work easily and in turn promote my country’s economy.

The importance of proper administration cannot be over emphasized because it is needed at every stage; it causes the integration of separate sectors into a workable whole entity. Proper administration helps me to view my life, my career and my nation as an enterprise and the goal of every enterprise is continuous progress, this can be achieved by the individual working of the different parts to achieve this progress.

Passion and resilience form part of my core virtues and makes me persist knowing that there is always light at the end of every tunnel. These virtues put me in the right place to effect change and cause great impact in my nation by the end of my studies. The use of technology and effective administration form the right combination to bring about developmental progress in my nation. I am very passionate about the advancement of my country hence plans to integrate the use of technology with effective administration to bring this to accomplishment. The passion and resilience I have is good but, great impact is a function of assimilated knowledge and experiences hence the need for me to gain knowledge, experience and exposure in a more advanced environment. To gain this knowledge, I have decided to pursue further studies both in the technological and administrative arm.In the technological arm I would go for Computer Science with more focus on databases and enterprise integration systems while in the administrative arm I would go for a Master’s in Business Administration. Finding out about xxxxxx scholarship brought joy and hope to me because it proposes a door to the fulfillment of my dreams and desire to gain; knowledge from a prestigious citadel of learning, experience and exposure from a more advanced society.The training I had in and out of school has adequately prepared me for the challenges I might encounter in the course of my studies. I remain hopeful even as you consider my application.