“She is going, there is nothing you can do” The nurse said staring blankly at me, her face as expressionless as snow but I wouldn’t have that. The patient’s blood glucose was so low it was un recordable and she had removed her only intravenous access. It was around 1 am and while most people were sleeping, I found myself beside this patient who was fighting to stay alive. I continued my attempt to secure an intravenous access. I prayed to God to show me a vein no matter how small it was. I pressed on, this time I was on her bed. I palpated her artery I could feel a pulse, a weak pulse but no other person seemed bothered, they had given up. Fresh adrenaline flushed my system, I tried the leg for the umpteenth time but this time, I found a tiny vein, narrow enough for only small cannula to thread through but big enough to bring her back to life. I checked the time, it was 5:30 am. Now, I can go and change for a work that starts by 6. 

Persistence is my greatest attribute firstly, because I hate regrets and would rather pay the price now than later and secondly, because that’s the only choice I often have. I didn’t have my pavements set in gold or my spoon plated with silver as a child or even as an adult but I had great tutors, those few who were interested in my growth. I was constantly called during my elementary school days for being in the bottom 5 but with a bit of diligence and persistence and some great teachers I graduated with one of the highest scores in the elementary school. I have had several of those experiences the most recent being in my tertiary institution. I entered into the university strictly by the grace of God and not necessarily merit. My results were good but compared to those of my classmates it was abysmal but in spite of this and numerous embarrassing periods, seven years down the line I stayed as motivated as I was when I started and finished with a good result.

In between those years that I was jeered as a loser in elementary school and now that some think I have some academic potential I have learnt about myself and fallen in love with the medical profession and health related activities. When I am not studying or attending to patients in the city, I am either among groups of junior colleagues trying to motivate them and show them that hard work still has its rewards or I am at a village, in the midst of those who can’t afford good medical care. I in particular think that the feature of medicine in developing countries is a combination of curative and preventive medicine. In school I had great lecturers in preventive and social medicine/global health but it appeared like we spoke different languages. It was one of the subjects that actually gave me a tough time despite my fascination. It turned down my repeated advances in deciphering its complexities. That’s why I hope to get another chance to have public health fall in love with me as I have by going for a postgraduate study in public health/ Global health.

There is no better place in the world where there are lecturers like fathers and mothers who have genuine interest in my development, have achieved so much and have a sense of direction than at xxxxxxx University.