The black gate looked magnificent, its colour, a sharp contrast to the adjoining orange and red wall. It is solid and heavy, completely made of metal. It is the new Alexander brown hall gate. Eccentric but undoubtedly beautiful. You could see people staring at it or perhaps they were staring at something else for underneath it stood three young lads carrying very heavy bags who had been standing under the scorching African sun for over 20 minutes engrossed in an interesting discussion. I was one of those lads and the discussion started when a friend said “if stature was the qualification to be a medical doctor, I would never be admitted let alone graduate as one”.

I am not a leprechaun but I have a small and “younger than my age” physique at my age I could still pass for a high school student though I am at the moment a young medical doctor. I have been confronted with comments like this for almost my entire existence and this is not uncommon in a Nigerian school setting. I came from and dwell in the ‘semi urban’ town of xxxxxxxx,  xxxxxxx state and I have repeatedly had to work or study twice as hard as my class or age mates in order to achieve my dreams. These lessons of hard work, persistence, teamwork, resilience, positivity has been shot into the brains of my family members by grandmother from when I was in my mother’s womb.  I dedicate a huge chunk of my spare time to counsel and motivate my younger colleagues on how to excel in the though Nigerian education system while I use the others to play football, checkers, write, watch movies and play video games.

I am also involved in a number of outreach programmes in school and comparing it with the compulsory 1 year experience I had at the xxxxxxxxxxx I have reached a conclusion that prevention is cure. The average Nigerian cannot afford good health care service offered at most of the health institutions but preventive measures are relatively cheap but are always underutilized. These outreaches enable me frequently asses the state of the health system of a locality and provide education on practical lifestyle modifications and at the same time provide essential drugs to health seekers.

The University of xxxxxxxxxxxx being the oldest institution in the English speaking world and the best institution in the World with its envious array of top researchers, educators, staffs and scholars will make sure I get the best training the World can offer in this next phase of my life in becoming the best I need to be.