In, my country, the last Saturday of the month means different things to different people, for some it’s party time, for some it’s time to rest at home after a long week at work, for others it’s time for premier league but for me it’s all these and the time I meet with like-minded people to discuss on how we can contribute our quota to the bleeding health and education sector, improve the health of the public and change the de-motivation among students. As the program director of a non-governmental organization, xxxxxx xxxxxxx Medical Missions, member of xxxxxxx foundation, I was involved in planning and participation in over 24 medical outreach programmes in my 4 years of involvement. My active participation in the legislative and executive arm of different student and non- student organizations led me to a number of towns in south western Nigeria as a medical volunteer. It was in xxxxxxxxx that I found the need for post graduate training in international health and tropical Medicine.

xxxxxxxxx, a small town in Osun state with a population of about 2500 people, mostly peasant farmers and artisans. Majority of her people live on less than a dollar per day and her primary health centre is an isolated three bed room flat buried amidst a variety of shrubs and weed. The closest they have to good health care are auxillary nurses and people like me when we visit quarterly. I have been going to xxxxxxxxxxxx for three years, and these years have imbibed me with team building, leadership and organization skills all of which are necessary in international health but most importantly, I have learnt that prevention is cure. Our emphasis at outreaches at xxxxxxxxx is on health promotion and screening for common diseases. Good health can only be sustained if a voluntary change in behavior can be evoked. To achieve this, we collate data at the end of the outreaches which we present to the king and chiefs to enable them to govern their people in a healthy way and prevent the prevalent diseases and the possible outcomes to the people. This is the foundation of public health programmes but one way or the other these highly functioning systems have been lost in the developed cities in West Africa.

I was the group leader in my 5 week community health posting at another rural environment: xxxxxxxx in 2015, and my role was to lead the team, present the research proposal to a panel of professors, assess the knowledge, attitude and acceptability of inactivated polio vaccine among care givers of under 5 in xxxxxxxxxxx analyzing the data and writing the report of our findings which was well received by the society. This experience honed my skills in literature review, constructing questionnaires among others. This was my first exposure to a community based research and its effect on decision making.

The other half of my free time is spent, talking to younger colleagues and providing shielded guidance to them in terms of life as a whole and specifically a choice of career. I am currently working on my initiative named H.E-R, which stands for Health Promotion, Education and Reproduction. I intend to tour secondary schools in xxxxxxxx and galvanize students to re-focus on academics as that is the solution to xxxxxxxx’s multifaceted problems. It is interesting that the pass rate of secondary school students in xxxxxx still hovers around 60% and worse still, the official university cut off for matriculation examination is at an all-time low at 120.I am working on publishing two self-help books, one titled “Letters to my past self” is a series of letters written by top students in some selected Nigerian Universities in a bid to Motivate the younger Generation. I still have manuscripts of two books that I hope will be a source of inspiration to the future generations in my country and help to rebuild the Country we all desire.

I am a small sized man whose dominant traits are diligence and persistence. I enjoy playing and watching football. My group won the inter group football tournament twice with me as one of the Most Valuable Player (MVP). I have written a number of poems and articles, one of which made it to an Anthology; and co-founded a free magazine meant to showcase the artistic side of medical students. phase and also  a popcorn business, “xxxxxxxxxxx” while in school which I maintained for a period of two years before stopping to concentrate on my final examinations.

Being a xxxxxxx Scholar at one of the most prestigious in the world as the university with its array of well-known Alumni, numerous Nobel Prize Laureates and Fellows at various academic and professional bodies and its international reputation will present me with an opportunity to study with the best brains in the world and I believe this will be a stimulating environment for me to have my postgraduate study but beyond that, it will create a success story that will motivate millions in xxxxxxxxxx that there is still reward for hard work. The vibrant student life, excellent working and recreational facilities reflect the commitment of the institution to the graduate student body. Since 80 percent of all deaths occur in low and middle income countries like my country, this postgraduate degree will be valuable to my future career as an interventional cardiologist with a flair for preventive cardiology since I will learn how medicine should be practiced in low income economies.