As a 21st century youth, there are quite a lot of fascinating things that come to mind. But as a person of purpose and focus, who believes that the future is far ahead and more important than every other thing, I ensure that my interest and activities align with my goals in life, and my dreams for a better, prosperous, and rewarding future. Hence, my activities and general interests include fighting for a just, and prosperous nation, promoting the fundamental rights of fellow compatriots, joining in fighting the corruption endemic that has ravaged the nooks and crannies of my dear country, creating an awareness about the issues affecting my immediate environment, finding solutions to difficult mathematical concepts, and also teaching others same, and ensuring that my body is physically fit, by engaging in body fitness exercises.

At xxxxxxxxx University, I hope to become an outstanding personality that can further develop myself in these critical activities and many more. With the knowledge gained at xxxxxxx, I hope to become a world class mathematics researcher and tutor that will provide great solutions for societal problems through mathematical concepts. I have observed that Africa as a developing nation needs Sciences and Mathematics for its development. Sciences as it’s known is the bedrock of any developed society, hence its usefulness to the development of the continent. Mathematics, just like Science is not only useful for everyday activities, it is the queen of Science and the language of nature. With a post graduate degree in Mathematics, I hope to change radically the power reasoning, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving abilities of Africa. This will go a long way, in making me actualize my aspirations of becoming a good ambassador for my alma mater, the Rhodes scholarship, my home country, and the African continent at large.

Developing the African continent forms a critical background to my aims and priorities of pursuing a masters by research degree in mathematics at the xxxxxxx University through the xxxxxxxx scholarship. To achieve this goal, I have been an active participant in many developmental projects right from my undergraduate days. While in the university, I volunteered as a Cadet member to ensure that there is sanity, peace, and normalcy on campus. In the same vein, upon graduation from the University, I enrolled in the Voluntary Service Corps scheme of my State of residence, where I also volunteered as an active participant in the anti-corruption community development service, and taking integral part in the environmental sanitation of my host community.

Despite doing all these, I still envisage that I can do more for the betterment and development of the African continent. I dream of an Africa where literacy will be at an all-time high. Hence, I hope to contribute immensely to the educational sector of my country and continent, hence minimising illiteracy and insurgency at large. I dream of an Africa whereby the youths will be technologically advanced, participate actively in volunteer works, and become business owners that will make remarkable impacts in the world. Hence, I hope to provide the necessary tutelage as a role model and ambassador to the youths. I dream of an Africa where the population of people that live below the acceptable poverty line worldwide reduces drastically, where many are able to feed their families, and send their wards/ children to schools for their growth and development. Hence, I hope to become a philanthropist of repute that will contribute generously to the growth, progress and development of my country and continent.

With an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx, I intend to further the frontiers of my mathematical knowledge, by studying Mathematics (MSc) by research from the xxxxxxxxx University. I intend to pursue this degree, because of my interest in Pure Mathematics, Financial Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling. I have come to the realization that Mathematics in the 21st century revolves largely within these three specific areas, as they are instrumental to the growth and development of any nation. Also, the dearth of professionals specializing in these areas in Africa is one of the reasons why I am focused on pursuing a research programme in this aspect. I believe that with an intensive research in my key interests (Pure Mathematics, Financial Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling), I can make a huge difference positively in the society through this knowledge.

The xxxxxxxxx scholarship is an impressive programme that has changed the lives of many students. Being one of the oldest scholarship programme in the world, I am impressed by its achievements so far, and the numerous impacts it has on many students. Not only has it given students the opportunity to learn, it also provides them the opportunity to change the society through their knowledge. I expect to benefit from this programme through learning new things, meeting new people and providing solutions to the problems affecting my country and Africa. Of course, many have benefitted from the scholarship, if given the opportunity I hope to maximise it for a brighter and rewarding future.