I am xxxxxx xxxxxxx, a 21year old graduate of the University of xxxxxx, xxxxxx. I believe education is the key to success, thus I try to achieve excellence in my academic pursuits. I try to connect my passion for education with my desire to helping others. Growing up, I always wanted to provide health care services, assist others and try to improve their quality of life, thus my interest to pursue a career in Public Health. If given the opportunity, I want to get a master’s degree in International Health and Tropical Medicine at xxxxxxxx.

xxxxxxx is a world class university that is recognized globally, attending graduate studies at xxxxxxxx, would not only mean having the opportunity to interact with the best academics and access to the best infrastructures, but would also provide the necessary framework and network to build my future career.

I am a goal getter and despite the odds, I have been at the top of my class, throughout my primary, secondary and university school days. I represented my school in debate and quiz competitions. For my final year thesis I studied the parasites of the African pangolin in xxxx State. From available literature not so much work had been done on this, so finding literature to support my thesis was difficult. To complicate issues, being in a federal school were materials and apparatus are not readily available, and the course content  being  mostly theoretical and not practical based, it was difficult learning and perfecting the techniques needed in such a short period of time with little guidance, however I pulled through and was graded an A. I presented my thesis in the form of a poster presentation at the xxxxxxth annual lecture of the Parasitology and Public Health Society of xxxxxx in xxxxxxx, 2xxx and it is to be published in the xxxxxx, 2xxxx edition of the xxxxxxx Journal of Parasitology.

During my undergraduate days I was also part of a conservation group that helped to monitor bat populations, and sensitize the public on the importance of these mammals in our ecosystem. During this period we planted trees at strategic places, held seminars and sensitized the general public on the need to conserve bats.  I was also very much politically active, being a member of the Student Union Government Parliarment, so as to represent the best interest of the students in my constituency, and currently as part of the environment community development service unit of the  local government where I am serving, we as a group carry out sensitization activities by going to public places, like markets, schools, hospitals, offices and discussing with them, the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

Public health focuses on the promotion of wellness and prevention of diseases. In line with the concept of One Health, which embraces an integrated approach in the combination of all Health intervention methods towards our common neglected diseases, there is a need for increased research and surveillance on the health status of animals as they are also susceptible to some of these diseases and environmental hazards and therefore can serve as early indicators, and prompt proper preventive measures to protect the human populace. The above concept formed the basis of my research during my undergraduate studies and pursuing a post graduate degree in International Health and Tropical medicine will give me the opportunity to learn new set of skills, knowledge, research techniques, and the tools needed for global health, especially in resource limited settings. This course would assist me in identifying global health issues, research gaps and would further form the basis for getting a DPhil in Public Health.

International Health is both multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary, and it provides the opportunity to many different career paths. This is why I see myself travelling round the world, getting to work  with specialists from various disciplines, learning new things and interacting with citizens of different cultures, striving together to make tremendous impact on health issues and getting to understand the dynamics of this world and how civilization has changed over the years. The current trend in medicine is tilting towards preventive medicine rather than curative medicine so, I want to be part of this trend, carry out research, get useful data on the current status of pressing health issues and create more awareness in my immediate community on the need for proper sanitary habits and other primary preventive measures in order to curb diseases as these diseases impair physical and cognitive development, contribute to mother and child illness, death and limit overall productivity, trapping the poor in a cycle of poverty and diseases.

One of my goals, presently and in the future is to be happy and satisfied with the decisions I make concerning my career, make my family proud, especially my mom who has sacrificed so much for me and to be a role model to upcoming generations. Also, along the line gain experience in leadership and team building and making breakthroughs in the field of scientific research. Working with the World Health Organization is my ultimate career goal, as I would be able to reach out to communities facing global health issues and are in deep need, and together bring about a positive impact towards solving public health issues both locally and internationally.