Congratulations! you have secured admission and may or may not have secured funding and I know a lot of things are running through your mind. This is completely normal. I felt the same way too. In the meantime, enjoy the congratulatory messages and some moments with your family and loved ones. There are only a few points to talk about as your school will be in constant communication with you. The post admission process involves:

  • Sending your I.E.L.T.S, transcript or/and university certificate
  • Signing one or two forms that will be required to make your ID card
  • Providing you with the necessary document to apply for an A.T.A.S certificate (This document contains a J.A.C.S number)
  • Applying for your VISA (try as much as possible to apply before august and September. This is when everyone applies, and the waiting period is longer because of the number of applications they get.
  • Shopping for back to school items and warm clothes.
  • Get the necessary vaccines and medications.
  • Booking your flight.
  • Hanging out with your friends and family. This is the most important advice.