Opening a bank account is definitely important and the faster you have one, the smoother your transition will be. There are some documents you need to open a bank account and though it may differ in other countries. I will write based on my U.K experience and subsequently update this write up to incorporate other countries.

  • Tax identification number
  • Proof you are a student
  • Proof of identification
  • Proof of UK address

Tax identification number from your home country if it you don’t have this and it will be difficult or probably impossible for you to get one from your home country then consider applying for the UK National Insurance Number or its equivalent which you will need anyway if you are considering to work part time within the permitted limit on your visa.

Proof you are a student such as university offer letter, Signed and stamped College enrolment certificate or your university attendance certificate you’re your local address or an equivalent of this.

Proof of identification such as international Passport, British resident permit card and your school ID card

Proof of UK address which can be your tenancy agreement or your original utility bill.

You need to book an appointment with the bank of your choice ahead of time. This can be done at a local branch or with one of the several bank agents that will be present at your university fair. Try to find out about the different banks especially in terms of monthly charges, savings plan overdrafts and contactless card service.