Generally, do not be in a rush to buy heaps of warm clothing as this will take up a lot of space in your travelling bag and make it unnecessarily heavy but if you are willing to pay for extra luggage, then go for it. In addition, you are not certain about the quality of the material and how appropriate it will be. I will advise that most of the warm cloth shopping should be done when you get to your destination except you come from a country where they have a somewhat similar weather.

That being said, I don’t want you to freeze on your first day, so it will be great to get at least one or two knit wears, thick blankets, leather jackets, an umbrella or/and a rain coat (especially if you are going to the U.K), thick gloves and head warmer. Make sure you check the weather forecast and tailor your wear appropriately.


It is really difficult to acquire a new taste when you have colourful and delicious national food. Adapting within the first few days may also be challenging so it is common for most people to come with cereals to ease their transition period. I will also recommend you come along with spices, pepper and seasoning as this may  be difficult to get in foreign stores or it comes at a steep price.