In general, the internet coverage is great because of your school WIFI system and free WIFI in colleges/hostels and some other location.  There are also some dark spots with minimal access and this is where your Mobile network provider becomes useful.


There are two options, the pay as you go (mobile top up) and the contract plan.

The contract plan is a form of commitment which spans for at least one year and you tell the telecommunication company to deduct a steady amount from you. This works for students that call a lot of people as it offers free calls and SMS throughout the period of your subscription. The amount of internet data is where the service plan differs. If on getting to your accommodation facility, you discover that the WIFI connection is great, I will recommend you subscribe for the least expensive plan.

The top up service is like what operates in most African countries where you top up your sim card with some money which can then be used to make calls, send messages and surf the internet.

What’s app is the method most people use for international calls but other options are facebook, skype, Imo etc. all these are really cheap ways to communicate with your loved ones especially when you are living on a budget.