How to apply for the tier 4 U.K student visa?

A lot  of information abounds on the internet about this so I will emphasise aspects I feel are missing and corroborate helpful information. In other to apply, you need obviously need a passport

In addition to this, you will need :

  • Financial evidence in form of an original scholarship letter of bank statement from your sponsor.
  • Confirmation of acceptance for studies ( C.A.S) number which is unique to you and the course of study you have gained admission for and will be issued by the school
  • Required documents
  • Original degree certificates and/or transcript depending on which was written on your C.A.S statement.
  • The application form, for obvious reasons.
  • Copies of passport pages of visa of all your past travels. However, this can also be done at the centre but at an extra fee
  • You may need an Academic technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate depending on your course of study. If you do apply early as there is a standard twenty-eight day wait period but this may be lengthened at the peak of admission season that is August –September.
  • Evidence of English language. Usually, your filled form would have indicated that you have been adequately assessed for your competency and thus may not be required to provide it but just to be safe, come with a copy.
  • You may need a TB certificate if you plan to stay in the U.K for more than 6 months.. The application for this is different and will precede the application for the visa. Failure to provide this or any document (if needed will truncate the application process). The TB certificate can only be obtained at stipulated centres called

The application for the UK student visa also involves applying for the immigration health surcharge. There are three ways of applying for the U.K Visa depending on the level of urgency.

  • Super priority
  • Priority
  • Regular

This is a filled sample of a dummy visa application form which can act as a template for you to use.