I will recommend you dress appropriately for any interview even if it is a phone interview. I have seen situations where sandals were worn for a Skype interview only for the interviewer to tell the interviewee to raise his legs.

Guys don’t have as many options as ladies.



The general standard is a suit and pant: grey, navy blue or black, are preferred in that order. The modern day suits has two buttons so ensure yours has two, if you are walking before the interview, or pacing keep the bottom button unbuttoned while the top button remains buttoned but if you have been called in for the interview unbutton both buttons while sitting.


A solid coloured shirt should be worn underneath. You can never be wrong with white, beige or light blue. In addition, they also help to hide sweat stains if you are nervous or anxious. However, if you must where a patterned shirt, choose a subtle one. The shirt should be fitted and properly ironed.


Try to avoid a flashy tie or something that will attract too much attention. Put the focus on yourself. The tie should complement the colour of the shirt and suit. Avoid bogus ties, the moderate sized ones are the trendy ones.


The trousers should be fitted, you don’t want to appear like a broomstick. While it is advisable for the colour and texture of the trousers to be the same as that of the pant trousers, it is not necessary and you can tweak this a little.


The recommended socks is a black, white long socks or one that is the same colour with your suit. This is not the time to wear ankle socks or worse still multi coloured patterned ankle sock. You can get the interviewer riled up.


Make sure your shoes are polished. The colour of the shoe should be the same with the belt. You don’t want to be wearing a black belt and a brown shoe. A good idea is a balck or a dark brown shoe. If your suit is black or gray, a black shoe should be the choice while a blue suit is perfect with a brown shoe and belt.


You don’t need the good old suitcase. Ditch that for an envelope bad or at worst a slim briefcase.


Do not get a new haircut the day or night before the interview. Shave or facial hair or ensure it is well trimmed.


Do not wear a strong fragrance to your interview. What if your interviewer is allergic or dislikes that particular brand.